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US Nonwovens Corp.

100 Emjay Blvd.
Brentwood, New York 11717
631-952-0100 (phone)
631-952-0200 (fax)

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Nov 16 -18, 2014
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Personal Care H1000


  • USN has been steadily focused on innovation, growth and increased market presence with a broad range of consumer products in two divisions: Home Care and Personal Care
  • USN offers a diverse product portfolio across key categories
  • The breadth of the USN portfolio truly makes us "the specialty suppliers to the aisle" allowing you, the retailer, to bundle products to provide the right solution for your customer
  • USN has innovative products and capabilities to compete on more than just the product
  • USN's expansion and modernization program provides additional production capacity, enhanced product quality capability and extends the capability for new product innovations to expand the Matrix
  • Retailers that leverage the USN Matrix have an opportunity to save money and lower their impact on the environment
    • Lower order minimums, resulting in higher inventory turnover
    • Less… purchase orders, administrative work, and vendors to manage
    • Less… trucking fuel, dock appointments, carbon footprint


Laundry & Stain
Fabric Softener Sheets
Liquid fabric Softener
Liquid Laundry Detergent
Color Absorber
Fabric Refresher
Wool Wash
Instant Stain Removers
Pre Treater Stain removers

Dish Care
Automatic Dishwasher Detergents
Rinse Agent Dishwasher
Liquid Dish Soap
Oven Cleaner
Soap Pads
Cellulose Sponges and Scrubbers

Pet Care
Training Pads
Pet Wipes
Pet Grooming products

Floor & Surface Care
Disinfecting Wipes
Pine Cleaner
Household Cleaning Detergents
Cleaning Eraser
Disposable Dusters
All Purpose Cleaners
Disposable Dry Wipes / Dusters / Refills
Disposable Wet Floor Wipes
Eraser Pads - Disposable
Household Wipes
Oven Cleaner
Soap / Steel Wool Pads
Sponges / Scrubbers

Bathroom Care
Disinfecting Toilet Cleaners
Shower Sprays
Bathroom Wipes

Auto Care
Vehicle Exterior Cleaners
Vehicle Interior Cleaners

Baby Care
Baby Wipes
Pre Soaped Baby washcloths
Safe Baby Cleaning
Toddler wipes

Moist Tissue
Flushable Personal Wipes
Moist Toilet Tissue

Cosmetic Care
Facial Wipes
Make Up remover
Cleaning Wipes

Feminine Hygiene Care
Feminine Wipes
Medicated Cleansing Cloths

Health & Sanitizing Care
Hemorrhoidal Pads
First Aid Wipes
Antibacterial Wipes

Incontinence Care
Bathing Wipes

Company Products and Services

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  • General Merchandise
    • Automotive Supplies
      • Vehicle Exterior Cleaners
      • Vehicle Interior Cleaners

  • Health & Beauty Care
    • Adult Incontinence Products
    • Baby Needs
      • All Other Baby Needs
      • Baby Wipes
    • Cosmetics
      • All Other Cosmetics Products
      • Make-Up Remover
    • Feminine Hygiene Products
      • All Other Feminine Hygiene Products
    • Skin Care
      • Facial Cleansing Products / Cloths
    • Topicals / Ointments
      • Hemorroidal Products

  • Non-Edible Products
    • Brooms / Mops / Brushes
    • Dish Detergents
      • Auto Dish Detergent
      • Dish Liquid
      • Rinse Agents
    • Household Cleaners / Supplies
      • All Purpose Cleaners
      • Disposable Dry Wipes / Dusters / Refills
      • Disposable Wet Floor Wipes
      • Eraser Pads - Disposable
      • Household Wipes
      • Oven Cleaner
      • Pine Cleaners
      • Scented Bath Tissue Holder
      • Soap / Steel Wool Pads
      • Sponges / Scrubbers
      • Toilet Bowl Brushes – Disposable Head
      • Toilet Bowl Cleaner
    • Laundry Supplies
      • All Other Laundry Supplies
      • Bleach Pen
      • Fabric Refresher
      • Fabric Softener – Liquid
      • Fabric Softener Sheets
      • Laundry Detergent
      • Stain Removers / Pre-Treatments

  • Pet Food / Supplies
    • Pet Supplies
      • All Other Pet Supplies
      • Pet Grooming Products
    • Pet Wipes

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